Galaide Group Practices

At Galaide Group we help our clients achieve their goals and objectives utilizing creativity and innovation combined with best commercial practices. We offer unique perspectives in determining the best approach to projects and programs on a multitude of levels. From concept to execution, we have the experience and expertise to take on even the most challenging of projects. With a strong creative team and a global network of affiliations and teaming partners, Galaide Group is well positioned to deliver the right plan, the right message and the right results every time.

Our diverse portfolio of projects includes specialized promotional campaigns, community outreach programs, project development and management, technology intensive and philanthropic projects, as well as strategic communications programs. As a testament to our efficacy, Galaide Group was selected as a global partner by Burson-Marstellar, one of the top five public relations and communications companies in the world with offices and affiliates in 81 countries. We offer our clients a varied suite of services and practices to include:

Corporate and Government Communications


Managing Corporate and Government Communications can be challenging, even under the most ideal circumstances. Our approach to the development and execution of internal and external communications strategies is rooted in our deep understanding of corporate, government and community perceptions and needs. That’s why we maintain a close connection with our local community at various social, business and political levels. We integrate the best of traditional public relations practices with our team’s creative ability to deliver the most advantageous of messages and delivery strategies for each product, policy or program.


Public and Media Relations


Our team is comprised of seasoned communications professionals who have served in high level government capacities as well as the news media and advertising firms. We maintain excellent relationships with our local and regional media throughout the Marianas, the Philippines and Japan. In addition, we have extensive reach through our global partner, Burson-Marstellar for creative support and collaboration in U.S. and world-wide markets.


Strategic Planning and Programming


Galaide Group and its individual team members are fortunate to have been at the forefront of numerous Strategic Planning and Programming efforts for private corporate entities, non-profit organizations as well as GovGuam Agencies, the Federal Highways Administration, the Department of Interior and the Department of Defense. Our collective experience includes the development of various social/economic and infrastructure master plans, integration of regional governmental strategies as well as a host of targeted programs such as the protection of coral reefs and the expansion of various non-profit organizations.


Graphic Design and Publication


We offer a full suite of graphic design and publication services from product advertising and promotional materials to corporate logo and brand icon development services. Our process always begins with consultative meetings with the client in order for us to understand how they view themselves, how they believe their target market views them, what message they want to communicate, what outcome they desire, and under what budget constraints. From there, we develop alternative concepts to deliver the message and achieve the desired outcome. Our strength lies not just in the creative visualization of the message, but in understanding our client’s needs, involving them throughout the process and designing comprehensive programs that work.


Program Management


The success of any project requires having the right expertise to develop and manage the program execution from start to finish meeting the program goals and objectives on time and within budget. Galaide Group has extensive experience in program management with over 35 years of combined experience in a variety of projects for the local and federal government as well as private companies and non-profit organizations. Our team is currently engaged in a number of program management contracts that include the development and deployment of an island wide GIS Asset Mapping and Management System, as well as the Guam Airport Master Plan and the 2030 Guam Transportation Program, and the management of the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum. Through our extensive network, we have the capability to customize our team to meet the needs and requirements of any program.


Brand Development & Marketing


In today's competitive market, creating a strong brand identity that is both recognizable and memorable is crucial to success of any product or service. Our team is well experienced in brand development and market positioning. Research and testing are essential to developing the right branding strategies. We work with our clients to gather information on their product or service, analyze their brand essence and develop strategies that will best communicate the brand image and message internally to their employees and externally to their customers.


Event Planning & Execution


Our team has vast experience in planning and executing meetings, conferences and special events. From arranging a small intimate corporate retreat to organizing a Presidential visit or the largest events in the Pacific like the Olympic-sanctioned South Pacific Games or the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture, which involves thousands of participants, Galaide Group has the network and resources to make it happen. Our team has organized and moderated events for private corporations, civic and non-profit organizations as well as local and federal government entities. Our services run the gamut of planning, logistics, marketing, talent coordination and organization and so much more.


Issues & Crisis Management


The ability to react responsibly and effectively during a crisis or in managing a public issue is directly proportional to the experience and leadership capabilities of the crisis management team. Members of the Galaide team have held leadership positions during a number of natural and manmade crises including typhoons and airline crashes as well as politically charged issues requiring attention at the highest levels. Our ability to lead in the management of issues and mitigation of crises situations under the most trying conditions has been field-tested and battle proven.


Media Management


Credibility, accuracy and speed in dealing with the media are critical to any winning issues campaign. Effective media management requires effective communications skills, full transparency and established relationships based on trust. Many times the media management can appear on the surface to be a one-way street. That’s why we maintain solid relationships with all media on Guam and in the Marianas to include electronic and print newspapers and news magazines as well as advertisers. We are proud of our reputation as a trusted source that is uncompromising when it comes to accuracy and dependability.