National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)

Liaison Support and Program Development for the Guam Habitat Conservation Initiative
(April 2021 to Present)


Galaide Group is tasked as the liaison between NFWF, local government of Guam agencies and other organizations involved with the management of federally listed endangered species in to advance the Navy’s efforts to improve the baseline ecological plant and animal species at priority sites on Guam through the Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program. Galaide is also tasked with hosting stakeholder meetings, gathering their input and developing a 5 Year Strategic Implementation Plan for habitat improvements. Once approved, the plan will serve as the guiding documentation for the issuance of Request for Proposals for the implementation activities that will be funded through NFWF via the Navy’s REPI Program. Galaide will be responsible for working with the local government and other environmental organizations to ensure that each RFPs objectives are met.


Jana Doi
Manager, Alaska and Hawai'i Programs
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
90 New Montgomery Street, Suite 1010
San Francisco, CA 94105
Direct: (415) 243-3102| Fax: (415) 778-0998

Matrix Design Group, Inc.

Guam Compatible Land Use Project
(May 2021 to Present)


The CLUP is a Government of Guam-led project prepared as a collaborative effort between the Government of Guam and Joint Region Marianas (JRM) that focuses on identifying incompatible land uses having the potential to compromise efforts to promote and encourage positive co-existence between local and military communities and shared use of resources. Galaide’s role is to design, print and distribute brochures to each of Guam’s 19 villages to communicate areas of potential conflict and propose solutions for incompatible uses. This effort includes interviewing each of the village mayors to gather information about compatible land use issues and their level of communication with their counterparts in the military command structure. The information gathered will help inform strategies for improving relations between the military and local communities.


Celeste Boccieri - Werner, FAICP
Chief of Strategic Development
Executive Vice President
Matrix Design Group, Inc.
2020 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1140
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Direct: (602) 461-8909

Guam Unique Merchandise & Art, Inc. (GUMA)

Guam Unique Merchandise & Art Program Management
(February 2013 - Present)


Project Summary: Galaide Group and DFS partnered to form a non-profit corporation whose mission is to train and incubate aspiring local entrepreneurs in an effort to stimulate the growth of locally made products and services geared toward local and export demand. Galaide Group’s role has been to manage all aspects of the non-profit with guidance from GUMA’s Board of Directors. Galaide has been responsible for obtaining multiple federal and local grants totaling $2.7 million used to train 221 individuals and incubate 37 new start-up small businesses and 115 home-based business.


Marvin Manibusan
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Guam Unique Merchandise & Art, Inc.
135 W. Chalan Santo Papa, 2nd Floor
Hagatna, Guam 96910
Direct: (671) 788-1455


Department of CHamoru Affairs

Management Services for the Operations and Maintenance of the Guam and Chamorro
Educational Facility (New Guam Museum) (April 2016 to March 2021)


Project Summary: This project began in April 2016 and included a broad scope of work that expanded far beyond its original intent. Due to numerous delays in the construction completion schedule, Galaide’s first task was to work with the construction management company to expedite completion of the main floor of the museum in order obtain an occupancy permit in time for the 2016 Festival of the Pacific Arts. This was followed by additional tasks to design and construct the museum gift shop and café space which was left unfinished as a tenant improvement space under the original contract. Additionally, Galaide was tasked with sourcing and supplying $750,000 worth of furniture, fixtures and equipment that were necessary for the full function of the museum. During the course of the contract, Galaide researched, designed and installed 12 changing exhibits and worked with an off-island contractor to complete the narrative panels and coordinate the installation of the entire permanent exhibit. This included copywriting of all narrative panels, designing, printing, and installing graphic panels, handling and installing historic artifacts, producing video and audio content for interactive displays, organizing and hosting exhibit events, and the developing educational programs to support the exhibits. Our work included all aspects of professional museum operations necessary to mobilize Guam’s first proper museum from the bare shell of a building to a fully outfitted, fully functioning world class museum. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID pandemic, the museum was forced to close on March 16, 2020. We continued to provide facility maintenance and security services for the remainder of our contract from April 2020 to March 2021.


Linda Reyes
Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees
Department of CHamoru Affairs
193 Chalan Santo Papa Juan Pablo Dos
Hagatna, Guam 96910
Direct: (671) 929-2426


Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans

Professional Services for Creative Design, Production, Distribution,
Media and Event Coordination for the 2020 Census of Guam
(December 2019 to November 2020)


Project Summary: Galaide Group was tasked with developing a communications strategy for the overall Guam population with specific messages targeted toward hard-to-count demographics. During the course of the project, Galaide designed and published traditional print ads, digital ads for electronic billboards, television and radio ads, and social media posts. The contract incuded more than $400,000 in ad insertions and $265,000 worth of promotional materials . This project began in December 2019, but was placed on temporary hold in March of 2020 while the national census office re-strategized a non-contact approach for Guam. Once the project was restarted, our team was able to quickly revise and execute the communications strategy to include a one-hour virtual show at the conclusion of the census with a message of appreciation to the public for helping the 2020 Census of Guam office achieve its 100% contact objective.


Tyrone Taitano, Director
Bureau of Statistics and Plans
P.O. Box 2950
Hagatna, Guam 96932
Office: (671) 472-4201/3


Parsons Transportation Group

Guam Transportation Plan Outreach & Community Relations (Completed)


This project includes the development and implementation of the 2030 Guam Transportation Plan, a 20-year long-range plan for Guam’s surface transportation system, and its associated communications strategies. The project has involved over 60 stakeholder and user group presentations to date. These include numerous public outreach and comment meetings at the village level as well as presentations to the military, federal agencies, the Guam Legislature, the Mayor’s Council of Guam, the Governor, and Congress. On-going tasks include the development of a regional and international contractor outreach programs through an interactive website, participation in forums, as well as media and public relations.


Mr. Gene Neimasz, Program Manager
Parsons Transportation Group
590 S. Marine Corps Drive
GITC Building, Ste. 403
Tamuning, Guam 96913

Guam Department of Public Works (DPW)

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Parsons Transportation Group (PTG)

Parsons Brinckerhoff Americas

Guam Transportation Group (Current)

Galaide Group is engaged as a member of the overall policy direction group dubbed the GTG that is comprised of the DPW and the FHWA and their program management consultants, PTG and PB Americas. The GTG is responsible for the planning, policies and execution of $3.5 billion in anticipated road construction projects on Guam that includes the Defense Access Road (DAR) program associated with the proposed military buildup; the Territorial Transportation Improvement Plan (TTIP); the Guam Regional Mass Transit program; and the Village Streets Improvement Plan.

As members of the GTG, Galaide Group’s tasks include:

  • Community Outreach and Public Relations programming & execution
  • Assistance in the development of an island-wide Village Streets Master Plan
  • Participation in negotiations with DoD related to the Defense Access Road Program
  • Assistance in the development of an island-wide Storm Water Drainage Master Plan
  • Design & Development of a web-based, geo-coded Asset Mapping and Management System
  • Development & administration of a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program
  • Assistance in development of an Overall Financing Program for Road Projects
  • Management of DPW/FHWA Capacity Building Programs
  • Local and federal policy development in support of the various GTG programs


Mr. Vincent P. Arriola, Director
Department of Public Works
542 N. Marine Corps Drive
Tamuning, Guam 96913

Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB)

Guam Branding Project (Completed)


This project consists of developing a new brand image and marketing plan for Guam’s tourism industry with a focus on integrating the new brand identity at a grass roots level. The campaign highlights Guam’s unique cultural heritage through interactive village projects and websites. Outreach efforts include over 80 presentations to various groups, interviews with 1,700 island residents, stakeholders and visitors, as well as the development of a new Guam brand icon with accompanying style guide and execution strategies. Galaide Group is partnered with Burson Marstellar, Landor and Penn, Shoen and Berland, three of the most globally recognized names in public relations, branding and strategic data collection respectively.

Galaide was recently selected by the Guam Visitors Bureau to plan, organize and execute the KoKo Road Race and the Guam Micronesian island Fair (GMIF). The Koko Road Race is Guam's largest international half marathon attracting over 5,000 participants from the US mainland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the surrounding islands in Micronesia.

The Guam Micronesian Fair is a four-day celebration of food, dance, cultures and crafts featuring various ethnic representations from around Micronesia.


Joann Camacho, Acting General Manager
Guam Visitors Bureau
401 Pale San Vitores Road
Tumon, Guam 96913

Rhonda Brauer, Managing Director
Burson Marsteller, Los Angeles

Parsons International Group

Guam International Airport Master Plan Update (Current)


This project includes outreach and communications for the development of the Guam International Airport Authority’s 25-year Master Plan Update. The Project is slated to begin in the fall of 2011. Galaide Group is tasked with the management and operations of the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum. Currently operating with 20 employees for this project Galaide Group manages the daily operations of the museum, creation of new exhibitions, social media and website management, outreach and marketing. Galaide group also manages the coffee shop and gift shop within the Museum which highlights Guam’s local artist and small business.


Mr. Tony Diaz, Regional Manager
Parsons International Group

AECOM/TEC Environmental Outreach Briefings
& Facilitation Services

Various Public Hearings for Military Buildup DEIS Guam & CNMI (Completed and Current)


Galaide Group was engaged to provide cultural briefings to subject matter experts and to facilitate and moderate the politically charged public hearings related to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) document prepared for the proposed military buildup on Guam. Services included assistance in the development of cultural sensitivity guidelines for presenters, review of materials for display, crowd management techniques and facilitation of the public hearings on Guam, Tinian and Saipan.

Galaide Group is also partnered with TEC for environmental planning services related to the preparation of National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) documents, environmental studies and technical services for various Navy and Marine Corps Pacific activities within the Pacific Basin and the Indian Ocean area.


Mr. Noel Enriquez, Director, Micronesia Region,

414 West Soledad Avenue
GCIC Building Ste. 708
Hagatna, Guam 96910

University of Guam

Guam Community and Economic Development Forum (Completed)


Galaide Group was engaged to plan, organize and facilitate a two-day multi-media public forum geared toward generating discussion among local residents about the proposed relocation of the III Marine Expeditionary Forces from Okinawa, Japan to Guam. This gathering was the first public forum that specifically addressed "outside the fence" community’s concerns about the impacts of nearly 27,000 marines and their dependents. The forum included a number of panel discussions on the social, cultural, economic, environmental and infrastructural impacts on Guam.


Anita Enriquez PhD.,
Dean, School of Business and Public Administration
University of Guam
Mangilao Guam

Guam Contractors Association

GCA Annual Trade Show (Completed)


Galaide Group has been engaged to provide complete design, planning, marketing and execution of of Guam’s largest and most successful construction trade show for the past three years featuring vendors and contractors from around the world. Galaide was involved in all aspects of the forums series to include planning, logistics, registration, web-site development and facilitation. Each of these trade shows have attracted over 2,000 participants and the next one is presently being planned for early fall this year. In 2008, the GCA Trade Show attracted over 2,000 vendor representatives and attendees for this one-day event.


Mr. James Martinez, President
Guam Contractors Association
718 N. Marine Corps Drive
Ste.201 East West Business Center
Upper Tumon, Guam 96931

Guam Coastal Zone Management Program

Coral Reef Protection Outreach Program (Completed)


Galaide Group developed and implemented a public outreach program for the protection of Guam’s coral reefs for the Guam Coastal Zone Management Program. This campaign included coloring books for schools, tent cards for restaurants and hotel rooms, as well as a video project that was distributed to schools and was shown on all incoming flights to Guam. The video featured an animated fish called "Professor Kika Clearwater" who educated tourists and local residents on the importance of protecting our natural reefs. Additional outreach activities included coloring books for kids, awareness posters and facilitation of forums and discussion groups with local government officials and environmental groups.


Ms. Evangeline Lujan, Administrator
Guam Coastal Zone Management Program
Bureau of Statistics and Plans
P.O. Box 2950
Hagatna, Guam 96932

Additional References

Richelle Takara,
Regional Representative
Federal Highway Administration
Department of Transportation

Vincent P. Arriola
Department of Public Works


David Alcorn
Vice President, New Business Development
GFS Group

Ms. Rhonda Bauer,
Managing Director
Burson Marsteller, Los Angeles


Additional project listings and references are available on request.